Reservists at the Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub

As a reservist at the Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub in Berlin, you work for our society and your own future.

It does not matter which career path you come from – nonrated personnel, junior or senior NCO, officers, staff officers. What we look for is qualifications. We need specialists from a wide range of fields who are keen to take on responsibilities in an agile team.

  • You can spare between one and ten months. You know what agile work means in practice and enjoy working on your projects autonomously as part of a heterogeneous team.

  • Specialists from various fields: software engineers, product managers, UI/UX/service designers, procurement law experts, communications strategists and many others, depending on our current needs. Please have a look at our current vacancies or send us a speculative application.

  • You will get to take on a great deal of personal responsibility while working in an agile team of BWI employees, soldiers and reservists. You will help us roll out innovations across the armed forces, working at the interface of the Bundeswehr and the start-up scene.

  • You will be appointed through the Cyber and Information Domain Service. Please get in touch with us to discuss the option of performance-based remuneration. Above all, you will get to experience true camaraderie with us.

    Apply to one of our vacancies or send us a speculative application right away.

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  • About us

    The Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub is the innovation lab of the German Armed Forces. It fosters cultural change from within.

  • Culture of innovation

    We bring start-up culture to the Bundeswehr to foster cultural change from within.