Bundeswehr Intrapreneurship is a new method of innovation management in the armed forces. As the Bundeswehr's Cyber Innovation Hub, our work ensures that the motto "from the troops, for the troops, with the troops" is brought to life. With formats such as our CIHBw Innovation Challenges, the Intrapreneurship Bootcamp and innovation projects, we empower soldiers to implement their ideas in an agile, creative and methodical way. For a digital and modern Bundeswehr, we need a living culture of innovation within the armed forces.

Center for Intrapreneurship of the German Armed Forces

With our Center for Intrapreneurship of the German Armed Forces , we want to enable innovative people to implement their own ideas and advance them on their own initiative.

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Volker Voss

Modern seafaring is also possible without crayons, compasses and haptic charts, thought frigate captain Volker Voss. He turned to the Cyber Innovation Hub with his idea of bringing together all the information on the bridge of a tender in a digital situation picture. Here, the software-savvy Bundeswehr intrapreneur was given the space and the opportunity to make his version a reality. The result is now being tested by the navy under the name "Tesla Tender". The project links a wide range of sensor data with each other to make it easier for officers to make decisions.

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Marc Wietfeld und Florian Roth

With their idea for the Bw IdentifY app, they convinced the jury of the Smart Solution Challenge of the Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub (CIHBw) and won the competition. Lieutenant Florian Roth and First Lieutenant Marc Wietfeld have now become Bundeswehr intrapreneurs with the help of the CIHBw. The app helps soldiers to internalize the principles of Innere Führung. The Bundeswehr's self-image commits its members to the free democratic basic order. The two young officers focus primarily on fun, games and competition: users have to answer questions every day in order to score points. The learning effect is not neglected either.

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Anna Thumer

Together with two comrades, Anna Thumer from the 163 RSOM logistics battalion successfully tested the YARDED software, which was developed in collaboration with the Bundeswehr's Cyber Innovation Hub. The YARDED system enables officers to efficiently plan and actively control material and vehicle flows in the marshalling area.

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