Soldier on a leash

Our Team

In our team, soldiers, reservists and civilian personnel all pull together.

Be they in uniform or plainclothes, be they airborne, at sea or ashore, be they in camouflage or a T-shirt, wearing a beret or baseball cap, with brightly coloured hair or no hair at all, man or woman, old or young, a lawyer or a philosopher:  we welcome everyone who is willing to make our forces digital and prepare our country for the future. Active soldiers, reservists and civilian personnel work side by side in our team.

As soon as you enter our hub, you can feel the vibe and the buzzing energy. All of it is thanks to a group of people passionate about their cause. Each and every one of them knows why they get up every morning: for Germany.

‘It is a concept that is unique in the Bundeswehr: soldiers, reservists, lateral entrants and civilian employees work together in mixed teams.’

Parliamentary Commissioner for the Armed Forces Dr Eva Högl in the Parliamentary Commissioner's Annual Report 2020