Sven Weizenegger

Head and CEO of the Cyber Innovation Hub of the Bundeswehr

Since 2020, Sven Weizenegger has headed the Bundeswehr's Cyber Innovation Hub, the "do tank" of the German armed forces. In his role, he acts as chief transformer and mediator between the civilian and military systems, pursuing a clear goal: to enable the Bundeswehr to carry out its mission of national and alliance defense through digital excellence and technological sovereignty.

"Technology and innovation are the keys to protecting and strengthening our democracy," emphasizes Weizenegger. Together with his interdisciplinary team of civilians and soldiers, he is fighting to drive change within the Bundeswehr - towards a modern culture of innovation that is up to the challenges of our time. Sven Weizenegger's expertise is based, among other things, on his many years in management positions at corporations and start-ups. His pioneering achievement of advancing from the first official hacker at Deutsche Telekom to the board level, where he played a key role in establishing a new business area, demonstrates his transformational power.

Under the leadership of Sven Weizenegger, the digital innovation unit CIHBw stands for transformation in the public sector and thus serves as a model for comparable units in other federal ministries and authorities.