About us

The Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub is the digital speedboat of the German Armed Forces.

The Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub is the innovation lab of the German Armed Forces. With a diverse team of soldiers, reservists and civil employees, we build bridges between the Bundeswehr and the world of start-ups. Our vision: empowering innovation in defence.

An innovation lab for the Bundeswehr

From the troops, with the troops, for the troops: inspired by the digital innovation units of the Israeli and US forces, the Bundeswehr launched its Cyber Innovation Hub in 2017.

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Our team

Whether they be in uniforms or blue jeans, ashore, airborne or at sea: our diverse team of active soldiers, reservists and civil employees advances digital innovation in the Bundeswehr.

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Our vision

Our vision is like the North Star, and every day, we get a little closer to reaching it: empowering innovation in defence.

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Our culture

We introduce an agile start-up mindset into the Bundeswehr to combine the best of both worlds and foster cultural change from within.

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