The Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub is the do-tank of the German armed forces. With numerous innovation plans, projects and exchange formats, we challenge the status quo and promote cultural change in the Bundeswehr from within. Our aim is to establish a genuine culture of innovation in the armed forces. Whether AI systems for deployment, helpful applications for everyday service or e-learning systems for further training: our innovation projects offer digital solutions with and for the troops and are taking the Bundeswehr's transformation process further.


Our Crowd Information Platform (CIP) taps into publicly available data, especially social media data, merges it and makes it available to the existing military situation picture as an additional level of analysis.

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In order to ensure modern national and alliance defense, large NATO units must be able to be deployed across national borders as quickly as possible in an emergency. YARDED enables soldiers to efficiently plan and actively control material and vehicle flows in the marshalling area.

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Augmented Common Operation Picture (ACOP)

The idea behind our innovation project ACOP is that the realistic representation of geofactors leads to a better tactical understanding of the situation and a more effective deployment of forces and resources. With the help of an augmented reality (AR) solution, it is possible to provide soldiers with a realistic 3D image of the operational area. In this way, they can intuitively gain insights into the tactical use of the terrain.

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Multi Sensor Data Fusion (MSDF)

With the Multi Data Sensor Fusion (MDSF) innovation project, we can for the first time create a seamless situational picture from space to the seabed and better protect critical coastal infrastructure.

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Innovation projects

Our innovation projects offer digital solutions for the troops and take the Bundeswehr's transformation process a step further.

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Join in!

Do you also have innovative ideas that could improve the Bundeswehr? Then write to us and join in!

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