Accelerating Innovation to our Soldiers.

Accelerating Innovation to our Soldiers.

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Become Part of the Network

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Our Mission

We do everything we can to ensure that our servicemen and servicewomen can use and employ vital innovations more quickly.


In these times of exponential progress and increasing digital transformation, our armed forces are facing particular challenges. It is important to not only identify and validate the right technologies, but also to question our own working methods and decision-making processes. Our motivation is driven by belief in our comrades and colleagues and we are convinced that even a large organisation and administration can act with more agility and can adapt to the rhythm of digital transformation. We are working passionately towards and for this goal, increasing agility, collaboration and innovation on a daily basis.



Ziele 01

Buying more from startups

We have recognised that startups offer interesting products and are unbeatable pioneers in some areas. Startups are increasingly capable of quick scaling, as digital transformation reduces the barriers to market entry, and have more and more venture capital and human capital available. It is our objective to buy more from startups. To achieve this, the Bundeswehr must open up to the outside and purchase more quickly and in a less complicated fashion.

Ziele 03

Developing our own innovations quickly

Armed forces have always been pioneers and drivers of technological progress. In these times of artificial intelligence, autonomous systems and cyberattacks, it is not enough to quickly purchase existing products. The Bundeswehr needs the capability to quickly implement its own ideas. This requires the necessary leeway, entrepreneurial talents, budget resources and a work culture resembling the agile methods of the start-up ecosystem. It is our objective to quickly and cost-effectively implement our own ideas in iterative steps.

Ziele 02

Enabling military personnel to act as “defence entrepreneurs”

The Bundeswehr is primarily facing an implementation challenge, not a problem of recognition. Our comrades and colleagues are excellently trained, they are familiar with existing challenges from their operational experience and they have good ideas. It requires entrepreneurial drivers, but also a lot of experience to successfully implement innovations. As the innovation accelerator of the Bundeswehr, the Cyber Innovation Hub promotes innovators from within its own ranks and thus contributes to strengthening innovation culture. It is our objective to turn as many comrades and colleagues as possible into successful innovators and change makers.



Contact for startups and entrepreneurs
Dr. Stephanie Khadjavi
Contact for applicants (civilian, military, reserve)
Jennifer Miksch
Contact for media, investors, and political institutions
Florian Busch-Janser
Contact for military departments and members of the Bundeswehr
Jörg Plathner