Soldiers sitting in an aircraft. One soldier holds a smartphone in his hand.

The latest news straight to your smartphone with the Bw-Newsradar app

With the new Bw-Newsradar app, which is freely available to anyone, you can access the latest Bundeswehr news from anywhere and filter them based on your personal interests.


In 2020, the website was accessed more than 15 million times. Around 6 million visits came from mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. The Bundeswehr has launched the Bw-Newsradar app to make it even easier for its users to read the latest news from the armed forces. The app is based on the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) approach, meaning that anyone can stay abreast of the latest Bundeswehr news from their own private device.

It has a special feature, too: users can filter the news depending on their own interests and only view news from specific parts of the organisation. They can also activate push notifications, which appear on the home screen of their device as soon as a piece of news is published, a system which adds a great deal of value in comparison to a conventional news service.

We are continuously monitoring the uptake of the service.

Fast, agile development

It only took three months for the finished Bw-Newsradar app to be launched after the idea was first suggested. Such a tight schedule was only possible because of the close collaboration of a determined team consisting of members of the Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub, the Press and Information Office of the Federal Ministry of Defence, the Bundeswehr Information Centre, BWI GmbH and the Federal Ministry of Defence.

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