Rede zur MSC Innovation Night 2024

Dear Ministers,
State Secretaries,
Chief of Defence,
Generals and Admirals,
dear guests and friends,

Tonight, we come together under the banner of a powerful etos: "Stronger Together." This isn't just a slogan; it's the very core of our DNA.
Together, we've built an unmatched ecosystem, a strong network designed to confront military challenges and to champion the potential of dual-use solutions. Together with startups, venture capital firms, corporates and armed forces we tackle not only today's but tomorrow's pressing issues. We're in a race against time, facing a world more unsafe than ever.

Our response?

Two forms of magic that set us apart: to execute in Mach speed and to deeply emphasize with the true needs of our troops.
It's more than our duty—it's our and your mission to ensure they have what's fundamental to defend our freedoms.

Achieving this monumental task requires a few critical steps: 

First, we must extend our ecosystem, making it even more resilient and interconnected.
Second, it's time to break down the barriers we've placed around ourselves, barriers that hinder innovation and collaboration.
Third, we must secure sustainable financing for our projects to safeguard our way of life for generations to come.

Again, thank you all for being here. Let’s enjoy this night together.

Hinweis: Es gilt das gesprochene Wort