Intrapreneurship and innovation in the Navy

Developing innovative ideas and boosting entrepreneurial thinking in the Bundeswehr sometimes requires unconventional approaches.

field telephone "Ackerschnacker"

For our first Innovation Challenge, we worked with the Navy's Einsatzflottille 1 to develop solutions that would make everyday work easier. Flotilla Admiral @ChristianBock, the commander of Einsatzflottille 1, became our first collaborator in 2019. One of the results of the challenge was the change project ‘Adminimum’, which seeks to reduce bureaucracy in the Bundeswehr.

As the Director of the NATO Centre of Excellence for Operations in Confined and Shallow Waters (COECSW) in Kiel and Commander of EF1,  Admiral Bock is in charge of all marine personnel stationed on the Baltic littoral. In this eposide, Admiral Bock explains how he personally fosters change in the Bundeswehr. He also tells us about his appearance on the DMAX show ‘Steel Buddies’.

For your next deployment, you will learn …

1) … what intrapreneurship is and what the CIH's first innovation challenge involved

2) … who Adminimum is

3) … how change from within can succeed

4) … what future technologies may benefit the German Navy

Der Ackerschnacker-Podcast des Cyber Innovation Hubs der Bundeswehr in Kooperation mit dem Bundesverband Deutsche Startups bietet einen Blick über den Tellerrand: Soldatinnen und Soldaten erhalten Einblicke aus der Startup-Szene – Entrepreneure lernen von den Best-Practices der Bundeswehr.