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Augmented reality: medical imaging in action

Research and start-ups in Silicon Valley

field telephone "Ackerschnacker"

Researchers believe that AR technologies are the future of innovation, including in military medicine. Medical imaging using hololenses is a new way of looking after soldiers who have been wounded in combat.

Christoph Leuze, a researcher at Stanford University and the founder of Nakamir, is a first-hand source on all augmented-reality innovations in military medicine. In our new episode, he talks about his current research, his experiences as a founder in Silicon Valley and how to be awarded US military projects as a German founder.

For your next deployment, you will learn …

1) … how hololenses are used in military medicine

2) … how the US Army collaborates with start-ups

3) … how researchers and founders work in Silicon Valley and how German founders can secure US military projects

4) … what the future holds for AR

The Ackerschnacker podcast, produced by the Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub in collaboration with the German Startups Association, aims to expand horizons: soldiers get a glimpse into the start-up scene; entrepreneurs can learn from the best practices of the Bundeswehr.