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How start-ups can bring innovations to the Bundeswehr

Do you solve a relevant problem and create value for your customers?  Are you convinced that your solutions could benefit the soldiers of the Bundeswehr?

Get in touch! We are excited to hear from you.

Creating value for the troops

We are the interface between the Bundeswehr and the start-up scene. We actively scour the market for solutions that can create value for our troops and solve problems, from the ordinary to the unusual. To that end, we give collaborating start-ups an ideal opportunity to put their products to the test with military users and prove their product-market fit. The CIH has its own budget that allows you to have our soldiers test your ideas for a certain period – without delays, without much bureaucracy. After the trial, we may recommend that your solution be rolled out across the Bundeswehr if it is a fit. We are agile and open to results.

All submissions are welcome, but please bear in mind that we cannot turn every submitted idea into an actual project. We make every effort to respond to you as soon as possible and get started quickly if a submission looks promising.

Your Point of Contact

Sebastian Clauss

Dr. Sebastian Clauß

Startup Engagement

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