There are building parts, figures and a helicopter that are arranged with the help of Minecraft AR.

E-learning with gamification and augmented reality

Digital learning is increasingly important, not just during lockdown. The augmented-reality platform for the Microsoft Hololens 2 combines gamification with AR for a new way of learning at the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College.

Agile methods are a component of the comprehensive training all managerial staff receive at the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College. As the topics can be somewhat abstract, the Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub is trialling an augmented-reality platform based on the video game ‘Minecraft AR’ to make them more accessible. The system uses the Microsoft Hololens smartglasses. The idea for the project came from one of the teaching staff officers at the Command and Staff College.

Video e-Learning

A playful way to learn

Here is how digital teaching works in practice: the users practise the establishment of a military camp during a scenario designed to look and feel like a real Bundeswehr operation. Just like in real life, they must react to unexpected incidents, such as a sudden shortage of resources. In doing so, they train the application of agile methods.

The gamified approach and direct opportunity to put the learned content into practice improve motivation and learning outcomes.

Feedback from the trainees has been thoroughly positive. Most of them had never come into contact with AR technology before, and they were highly impressed with the intuitive control system.

'Not only did the results convince me as the teacher, the trainees were genuinely impressed, too.’

Lieutenant Colonel of Staff Thorsten Kodalle, Lecturer in Strategic Wargaming at the Bundeswehr Command and Staff College

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