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The State of Innovation: a meeting of the elite of digital laboratories

How do large, established organisations overcome their reluctance to innovate? The ‘State of Innovation’ conference brings together the leaders of digital innovation units from non-military companies to exchange experiences.

With the format, the Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub combines the innovative strength of the digital economy with the armed forces to facilitate knowledge transfer.

Large private corporations face the same challenges as the state and its armed forces do: entrenched processes and a long-standing culture often pose obstacles to innovation. One possible solution to the problem is the establishment of small, flexible innovation units, such as innovation labs, hubs, accelerators, incubators, company builders and corporate venture capital. In the world of business, such models have long become commonplace.

What factors can help processes of digital transformation succeed?

The workshop focuses on questions such as the following: What factors can help or hinder the digital transformation? How will innovation development work in future? How do I find the best talents and build the best team for such projects? How does the process of transferring innovations from the digital innovation unit back to the core organisation work?

The ‘State of Innovation’ conference regularly brings the leaders of important digital innovation units together. Investors also take part alongside representatives of the armed forces of allied countries. The purpose of the workshop is to develop and exchange best practices. By facilitating such an exchange, the ‘State of Innovation’ contributes to the growth of the Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub as a pioneer in the public sector.

Inspired by the Bundeswehr

The original German title of the event, ‘Lage der Innovation’, is a reference to the concept of the military situation (‘militärische Lage’ in German), which describes the situation of a military alliance with respect to its environment. It is a key aspect of the process of military leadership.

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