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Start-up pitches with the European Innovation Council

The EIC Corporate Day with German Giants is an event organised by the European Innovation Council in partnership with Commerzbank. It brings start-ups and companies from across Europe together. As the innovation lab of the German armed forces, the Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub co-organised the start-up pitch event in 2021.

European collaboration

In partnership with the European Commission and companies such as Commerzbank, IBM, MediaMarktSaturn and Vodafone, the Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub put on a start-up pitch event with a twist. All co-organisers got to formulate one or multiple challenges which they considered particularly relevant to the digital transformation. Start-ups from all parts of the EU in which the European Innovation Council is active were invited to submit solutions.

Designing a smart city together

How can we use digital technologies to design a military smart city? This was the challenge the Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub presented to the EIC Corporate Day with German Giants in 2021. The event focused on topics such as big data, augmented reality (AR), additive manufacturing and artificial intelligence.

The purpose of the one-week event is to facilitate an exchange of knowledge between start-ups and the organisers in order to gauge opportunities for collaboration. As a cross-sector event, the EIC Corporate Day with German Giants seeks to leverage synergies between industries.

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