Ackerschnacker - Podcast Logo mit altem Feldtelefon (genannt Ackerschnacker)

Ackerschnacker - the Podcast

The virtual fireside chat for digital innovation in the armed forces and government is becoming a regular podcast. Follow us on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Podigee and never miss a new episode!

The Ackerschnacker podcast produced by the Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub expands soldiers’ horizons by granting them glimpses into the start-up scene. On the other side, entrepreneurs get to learn from the successful methods of the Bundeswehr.

The guests of the podcast come from the Bundeswehr, the digital scene and German politics. Former Chief Scientist of Amazon Andreas Weigend, Parliamentary State Secretary for Transport and Digital Infrastructure Dorothee Bär, Silicon Valley icon Pascal Finette, State Secretary for Defence Peter Tauber, Bundeswehr Officer Nariman Hammouti and the astronaut Thomas Reiter are only a few of the guests who have been on the show so far.

We run the Ackerschnacker podcast in collaboration with the German Startups Association.

Ackerschnacker – available from your preferred podcast service

In the spring of 2020, we responded to the very first lockdown with a series of virtual events titled ‘Ackerschnacker’. Since then, we have produced 14 episodes, which have been viewed 40,000 times, and we have been nominated for the German Online Communication Awards. You can listen to our podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Podigee.

Your moderators and contacts

  • Sven Weizenegger

    Head of the Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub | Moderator

  • Josefine Neuschäffer

    Team Communications & Strategic Partnerships | Moderatorin

  • Florian Busch

    Team Communications & Strategic Partnerships | Organisator

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