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Working @Cyber Innovation Hub

Work with us to advance digital innovation

Do something special, take on responsibility, make a difference: you can do all that and more at the Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub

Be it in uniform or blue jeans, ashore, airborne or at sea: at the CIH, civilian employees, active soldiers and reservists work side by side to make the Bundeswehr digital and innovative

Join us to do groundbreaking work at the interface of the armed forces and the start-up scene. Actively shape digital innovation in and with our troops. Start-up atmosphere guaranteed: you won't find a silo mentality here. Take our country into the future with our dynamic, interdisciplinary team.


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    Our Vision

    Our vision is like the North Star, and every day, we get a little closer to reaching it: empowering innovation in defence.

  • About us

    The Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub is the innovation lab of the German Armed Forces.

  • Innovation Projects

    From the troops, with the troops, for the troops: our innovations focus on our soldiers.