EU CSDP Innovation Day

April, 12th 2023

@ Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub

Franklinstr. 10, 10587 Berlin

Join the EU CSDP Innovation Day to explore the impact of artificial intelligence and contemporary geopolitics on social interaction and adaptation measures. Discover the opportunities to increase civilian and military resilience in the era of strategic competition and complex security threats.

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As highlighted in the EU Strategic Compass 2022 the Cyber and Information Domain (CID), consisting of Cyberspace, the Electromagnetic Environment and the Cognitive Environment has become an important part of modern conflicts and hybrid engagements. This is being demonstrated on a daily basis for more than one year now.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has brought back a conventional war on European soil with millions of innocent people suffering and fleeing their homeland. Obviously, this unprovoked act of aggression and brutal war is not only directed against a sovereign, independent and peaceful state but it is also highly challenging the international security architecture in Europe. 

In this era of strategic competition and complex security threats, in which computer technologies are continuously developing and the utilisation of artificial intelligence is increasing, the return of global power politics is thriving to a contested multipolar world. These geopolitical challenges demand comprehensive and contemporary means of mitigation.

The overarching goals of EU`s Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) are summarised with two verbs: to protect and to act. EU shall protect the security of its citizens and it shall be able to act in crisis situations that affect its values and interests. Nowadays, the importance of these goals seems to be more relevant than ever. Convinced of the necessity to include both, the military and the civilian sector, to meet these requirements Germany has decided to host the a “EU CSDP Innovation Day“.


10:00 Registration

10:45 Welcome

11:00 Keynote

11:20 Panel «Artificial Intelligence: ambitions, conditions and reality»

12:00 Lunch & Networking

14:00 Panel «Global Powers: learn and adapt from confrontations»

14:40 Open discussions

16:20 Closing speech

laterNetworking & Drinks

This event is dedicated to facilitate discussions amongst different stakeholders from military, academic institutes, industrial enterprises and institutions, bodies and agencies of the EU and NATO. An innovative ‘Marketplace’ will boost and enhance the ‘meet & greet’ to foster the joint approach.

Generalleutnant Vetter
«Innovation at its best.»
Lieutenant General Michael Vetter, Director General Cyber/IT and Chief Information Officer at the German Ministry of Defence
Vizeadmiral Dr. Daum
«Bridging the gap between presence and future.»
Vice Admiral Dr. Thomas Daum, Chief of the Bundeswehr Cyber and Information Domain Service

Two panels discussing artificial intelligence and trends in contemporary geopolitics will frame this event. Leading questions for these topics turn around impacts on social interaction and adaptation measures in the EU, the exploitation of cyberspace as a “hybrid” domain of confrontation and opportunities to increase civilian and military resilience.

Partners of the EU CSDP Innovation Day

Bundeswehr Cyber Innovation Hub
European Defence Agency

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